Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Some of my fav photos

A colleague (@DrRemy on twitter) was kind enough to set some of my fav photos to music. It is about time we take a break from all the stresses going on with healthcare reform. Even now, it is hard to say what reform will look like, though I feel confident something will happen.

Enjoy your respite:

By popular request here are the photo descriptions:

  1. Alaska Mendenhall Glacier, in B&W, film, titled "Three Waters"
  2. North Carolina Mountains, the smokies
  3. Mendoza, Argentina
  4. Does this need a description? "Purple"
  5. Amazing Sulfur formation on the road between Chile and Mendoza
  6. Machu Picchu, Peru
  7. Town of Macca Church, Peru
  8. Prague in Winter
  9. Convent doorway, Arequipa, Peru
  10. Westglow Spa, N.C., Sunset (early)
  11. Westglow Spa, N.C., Sunset (late)
  12. Smokies, rays of light through the clouds
  13. Colca Canyon, Peru "Lavender Sunset"
  14. Tallulah Falls, Georgia
  15. Jewish museum, sculpture, Berlin
  16. New York City from top of Museum
  17. Holocaust Memorial, Berlin
  18. Photo by Dr.Remy

Dr.Remy linked to my video on her blog and added my poem "Dreams" below it. The poem is actually excerpted in the video at the very end. If you want to see the whole poem here is the link to her blog:


  1. Did you shoot these photos?Brief description of the location would be very useful

  2. I shot them. I didn't put together the video. I thought of that too, after I saw the video, that it might be helpful to have descriptions. Oh well, I hope you enjoyed it anyway.

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